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Elevator and Escalator Repair in DC and VA

Maryland Elevator is an elevator sales and elevator repair services company in the Washington DC and Maryland area. We have over 80 years of combined Technician experience comprised of highly-skilled elevator and escalator mechanics performing cost-effective commercial and residential escalator repair and maintenance. You will appreciate Maryland Elevator's smart solutions, because our Maryland Elevator Inspection is a one-stop shop, performing sales, installation, repair and maintenance of all types of elevators, escalators and vertical transportation equipment.

Our skilled technicians specialize in elevator repair in DC and they will come prepared to get your work done in a prompt, fair and efficient manner, fully trained to complete installation and service of state-of-the-art microprocessor control systems. Maryland Elevator can upgrade your existing elevator and escalator systems to meet current Federal, State and Local Codes. Maryland Elevators also upgrades elevators and escalators to meet ADA requirements, offering a complete line of accessibility products for your employee's and customer's needs.

Elevator Repair in DC, MD and VA Areas

In addition, to elevator installation in MD, our expert consultants can evaluate your existing elevator and escalator systems to determine the best way to enhance operational performance to reduce maintenance and operate your vertical transportation systems cost-effectively with our elevator repair services. When you need a pro on an emergency basis contact Maryland Elevator offering 24 hour callback service. Putting your vertical transportation system back to work without delay is strategy Maryland Elevator anticipates by keeping a large inventory of new and used parts in stock.  
Contact our experts before you make a decision on how-best to move people and products. Maryland Elevators' goal is to achieve customer satisfaction on every install, repair and maintenance task Maryland Elevator performs.

Dumbwaiter Maintenance and Repair

For an easy way to move heavy and delicate items between floors, many property owners choose to install a dumbwaiter. This convenient system can be used in hotels, restaurant kitchens, and even in multi-level homes or schools. However, it is important to remember that regular maintenance is required to keep your dumbwaiters functional. With our services for dumbwaiter repair D.C. and Maryland, you will treat the source of any problem facing your system. Speak with us today to request a fast and effective service.

What Is a Dumbwaiter?

Whether your building is 2 stories or 10, the last thing you want to do is spend time and energy carrying things up and downstairs. From groceries to laundry, a dumbwaiter can be used to move nearly any item from floor to floor in an easy and safe manner. This system is typically made from stainless steel or high-quality wood materials.

Common Problems Requiring Dumbwaiter Repair

While dumbwaiters were made to handle heavy loads, there are certain weight limits that should not be exceeded. Like other freight systems, dumbwaiters require regular maintenance to keep them functional over time. Failure to perform this maintenance can lead to a series of different problems that leave your system inoperable while also creating a potential safety hazard for building occupants.

No matter what the source of the issue is, you can count on our technicians to complete your dumbwaiter repair the right way the first time. When you call us for assistance, we arrive to your location as quickly as possible, and work as efficiently to restore your system to a fully functional condition. Among the issues that we treat are regular wear and tear, stiff doors, and grime accumulation.

Dumbwaiter Repair: Wear & Tear Issues

One of the most common problems that we treat is caused by heavy use. If you operate a dumbwaiter in a busy kitchen or other high-traffic area, you will likely require regular maintenance and repairs for your system. Wear and tear can cause extensive damage to the motor, rope, or guard rails, leaving the system unusable.

If you notice your dumbwaiter system not running as smoothly as it once did, turn to us to perform your dumbwaiter repair. Whether the issue is due to a lack of lubrication or another problem, we offer the services needed to get your device functioning again as soon as possible.